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Eswatini General Fund for 2022

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Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Eswatini were part of an unprecedented global evacuation of Volunteers during March 2020.  In response, the Board of Friends of Eswatini (FOE) held a meeting to determine how Eswatini's RPCV community can best assist the Kingdom as it faces the COVID-19 pandemic.  Based on past donations by Eswatini RPCVs, the group has approximately $4300 available for quick disbursement in support of actions and projects that can address Eswatini's priority challenges.  We particularly thank those who already donated to FOE at the end of 2019 to support 2020 projects.

The Board is currently researching opportunities for assistance in this unique period of a global pandemic.  Given the evacuation, our traditional funding of Peace Corps Partnership Programs is no longer possible and are on hold until Peace Corps returns to Eswatini.   Thus we are announcing, along with the launching of our new web presence, the creation of an Eswatini Urgent Action Fund for 2020 that can be utilized to fund viable projects in Eswatini.  Priority will be given to projects able to quickly address COVID -19 treatment, preparedness, and mitigation.  

Some of the organizations currently under review for possible funding include:

The Luke Commission, Cabrini Ministries, Sandra Lee Centre, Swaziland-Baylor Teen Club, and Young Heroes.

If you have suggestions for organizations we should consider please contact Melissa Horton at: